Let's Ping It

About us

Let's Ping It is a non-profit organization founded to build technological solutions to make the environment healthier.

The problem we try to solve.

Climate change is something so important that we can't wait to solve it, we can't afford to fix this problem just because it'll be good for our economies. The struggle is real and it's not just about humans in the planet.
We need a lot of expertise from different disciplines.
  • An energy engineer can have an idea and will be working closely with an electrical engineer. If they want to build a system, a computer scientist will probably be needed.
  • A forester will know the main problems in forests and together with a software or hardware engineer can implement solutions to these problems.
  • ...
Sometimes is really difficult to make these connections.

How we solve it.

We are building an interdisciplinary community: with engineers, computer scientists, designers, marketing analysts and so on. By knowing the problems first hand and with a platform of people with different expertise we can build better approaches to the environmental problem.
We work with municipalities, governments, universities, businesses and citizens to implement and bring these solutions to the planet as quickly as possible.
Our tech development is open source. Anyone can make contributions. The whole society and planet can benefit from it.
We ask and encorage you, people and companies, to contribute economically so we can make all of this a reality. We need your help.


Víctor Elexpe

Director. Twitter, mail.

Alberto García de la Faya

Chief of software development. Twitter.